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SKPS 2024 Twilight Fete! 🌟


A Celebration of Fun, Laughter, and Youth! 🎉😄👧👦

We are thrilled to announce the SKPS Twilight Fete of 2024! This year, we celebrate:

  • Fun and Laughter 😆

  • The Spirit of Youth 🌟

  • Finding Happiness in Simple Things 🌈

Inspired by our young people, this event is all about joy and community spirit.

Join Us in Supporting the School and Local Community! 💖🏫

The SKPS Fete Committee invites you to support our school and local community through our sponsorship options. Here’s why you should be part of our celebration:

  • Promote Your Business 📢
    Reach a large, supportive audience and increase your business profile.

  • Be Part of Our Community Celebration 🎊
    Engage with the community and contribute to a day filled with fun and joy.

Take this opportunity to showcase your business and make a positive impact in our community. We look forward to celebrating with you!

SKPS Fete 2024 sponsorship categories

Engage with Our Community Through Sponsorship! 📈
Why Sponsor SKPS?

  • Dynamic and Eclectic Community 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🌍
    SKPS has over 435 students and 320 families, representing the vibrant character of our local area.

  • Excellent Value and Exposure 💼🎉
    By participating in our events, you gain a range of sponsorship benefits, ensuring great value and visibility for your business.

  • Unique Marketing Opportunity 🏫🎪
    The SKPS Fete allows your business to directly market and advertise to students, families, and the broader school community—opportunities not available during regular school activities.

  • Wide Audience Reach 📣📊
    Your business will be showcased to other local businesses, the local media, and over 4000 expected visitors. We work with you to meet your business needs through our sponsorship campaign.

  • Prime Location 🚗🏙️
    Located in the heart of St Kilda, SKPS is surrounded by busy intersections, ensuring your business is noticed by thousands on their daily commute into the city.

  • Show Your Community Spirit ❤️🧒👪
    The SKPS Fete is the perfect platform to demonstrate your support for local families and children, showing your commitment to the community.

    Join us in making a difference and gaining unparalleled exposure for your business!

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