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It takes a lot to make our Fete the best school Fete ever. We're asking for your help to donate where you can.

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Below is a list put together by our stallholders of the things they need.

IMPORTANT!!!   We have assigned specific Donation Days for all the items for the Fete.

Please see the gold note under each section below.

So for now, please hold onto all your donations until it's time to bring them in.  Thank you!


We require Marquees, Trestle tables & Marquee Weights (sand bags).  We also need 2 additional BBQ's for the Sausage Sizzle.

If you have any of these, please get in contact



The cake & Jam stall is looking for the following items:-

- 370g Jars (Bon Mamam jam jar size)

- Any type of fruit suitable for jam making eg. berries, kumquats, oranges, lemons

- Bags of Sugar

- Any homemade Jams you may have made already!  Ask Grandma, ask your neighbour!

We will also need Cakes & Sweets for the stall on Fete Day.  IMPORTANT - Please download our stickers to clearly list the ingredients of your homemade goodies. 

Please bring in your fruit and jars now!


Our Grade 3 & 4's are running the 2nd Hand Book Store.  We need all your pre-loved books, in good / excellent condition (no pages or covers missing).  Books for kids, teens and adults - all genres, including cookbooks.

Bring these into the school week beginning 3 October. Take directly to Shiawase building



Please bring in any 2nd hand bikes to the school as Dr Cranky will be doing them up and selling them at the Fete.

We also need 6 volunteers for Dr Cranky's stall.  If you're interested in helping Dr Cranky, please complete the volunteer form and note Dr Cranky in the 'special skills' section.

Bring bikes into the school week beginning 10th October.     Bike donations can be made on any day of the week.

On Friday Afternoons, please take them straight to Dr Cranky.

On other days, please leave them in-front of Dr Crank's storage room (the door next to 2nd Hand Uniform Shop) and alert the office immediately, so they can be put away.  Please ensure you let the office know!


Our Grade 5/6 sports leadership team will be running a second hand sports stall. They are looking for donations of sporting goods. 

eg. Balls, bats, equipment (no clothes please).  
Bring these into the school week beginning 17th October.  Drop them into Hayden Colgrave in Sakura.


This activity is for the Adults!  Therefore we need bottles of wine - red, white, sparkling.

Also another other drinks in bottles.

Bring these into the school week beginning 24th October


Our Preps are running the Choc Toss stall and we need LOTS of Chocolate blocks of any size - NO NUTS (we need 300+ blocks in total!)

Bring these into the school week beginning 31st October


Our grade 2's are running the Plant stall.  They are busy cultivating cuttings at the moment, but would love any donations of plants to sell at their stall.  Please hold onto these at home until the week of the Fete.  

Bring these into the school week beginning 7th November



Any / all donations welcome!  We would love Vouchers, Holiday Houses, Experiences, Hampers, Tickets to Concerts & Events etc

If you own a local business please get in contact as we have a number of Sponsorship options aswell. 

Please contact us if you have any donations. 


We would love the donation of your time!  Please head over to the Volunteers page and complete the form.  Thank you!


Thanks again, we greatly appreciate all your donations!

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