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Twilight Fete Video!

We are excited to announce the release of the St Kilda Primary School Fete video – now coming to a screen near you!

So much hard work has gone into this video over the last month, and a wonderful job has been done capturing the SKPS spirit to show what a fun-filled day our fete will be!

Key highlights include:

  • Whole school scene, with everyone waving and cheering for the camera

  • Having ‘Skipper the Penguin’ in the boardroom of our major sponsors, McGrath Real Estate

  • Zara’s determination to be hit with a cream pie… or three

Although everyone contributed to this video in some shape of form, a very special shout out to two groups who were instrumental:

The Grade 6 fete team – Clover, Is, Elsa, Zara, Ezra, Lewis and Georgina

Handed the creative reins for this project, this team of students wrote, choreographed and were the ideas engine throughout. They took turns in roles of director, camera operators, runners and sound recordists over two long days of filming! A truly professional team who did a truly professional job!

Our parent coordinators - Esther and Ben

Esther and Ben are the wonderful parents who helped make the vision a reality, and the students were lucky enough to be learning these skills from people with extensive experience in the media industry! Esther is co-founder of Media Mentors after a 20-year career producing factual TV. Likewise, Ben has around 20 years’ experience in TV as an editor and director of comedy programs and stand-up specials.

We are so grateful for their time and mentoring to drive this wonderful initiative for our students and school.

Grab some popcorn and click here to watch our school fete blockbuster – and don’t forget to “come to the fete – it's gonna be great!”

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