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Fete Poster Winners!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

We held our Fete Poster Competition this term and were thrilled to see a huge number of entries. The quality of the posters sent in was incredible and in the end we just couldn’t decide! We picked 2 posters that we loved for different reasons and decided to combine them to make our 2022 Twilight Fete Poster. The winners were Nyve (Y6), Miles and Jude (Y2). A special thank you to Stacey Fletcher, one of our talented Mums, who took the two posters and made them into one.

You will begin to see this colourful and vibrant poster at school and around St Kilda in shop fronts and on boards (kindly donated by McGrath). They will also be printed into a flyer and sent to families to share with friends, family and neighbours. So watch out for this incredible collaborative artwork which will be coming home with your child next term to share far and wide!

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